WILKINSBURG (KDKA) — Several hundred people gathered at a small church in Wilkinsburg this morning to remember a toddler who family members say always wore a smile.

New Testament Missionary Baptist Church was packed with people who came to say goodbye and offer a prayer for 3-year-old Zymiere Sewell and his family.

“We trust you today, oh God, because you can turn tragedy into triumph, you can turn pain into promise,” Rev. Aaron Watt, of the Grace Missionary Baptist Church, said during the service.

Sewell died in the early morning hours on Tuesday in his Tioga Street apartment from a gunshot wound to the head. Police believe he may have accidentally shot himself with a gun left in the bedroom.

Pittsburgh police have issued an arrest warrant for 18-year-old Gregory Dalton in connection with the incident.

“Just senseless. Senseless and tragic because… to be that careless with a weapon,” said John Wilson, a family member.

While they mourn the senselessness of the tragedy, family members talked about Sewell and celebrated his young life during the service.

“He was always running around with a smile, I hardly ever saw him cry,” said Sandra Brewer, a family member. “He was always laughing and playing, and he was friendly with just about everyone.

“He was so full of light, those eyes would light your heart on fire, and that smile would brighten anybody’s day,” said Carlette Lawson, Sewell’s grandmother.

Lawson has no doubt where her grandson is now.

“I know he made it into heaven, that’s the blessing out of all of this. The Lord saved his soul,” she said.

But the family is still looking for closure to this tragedy.

“Need some closure and… until he [Dalton] turns himself in, there is none,” Wilson added.

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