PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With its Magic Gloves and No-Bubble Solution, Juggle Bubbles looks fun.

It claims to make bubbles without the trouble, but does it really do that?

KDKA-TV news anchor/Does It Really Do That? Reporter Jennifer Antkowiak and a family put it to the test.

Some of the kids in the Friewald family thought Juggle Bubbles looked fun, but others were skeptical from the start.

Some of them asked their mom to buy it, but mom was reluctant.

“I said no, because it probably won’t work,” Tunde said.

However, she was willing to give it a try.

Although, it didn’t boost her confidence to see an arbitration statement, informing you how to go about filing a complaint, packed along with the instructions.

The kit comes with the bubble solution, gloves, plastic tray and bubble blower.

The instructions say to pour the bubble solution up to the fill line in the tray, dip the blower into it, and blow a bubble-being careful to hold the tube so that you don’t get any solution in your mouth.

The directions say to blow a bubble the size of a baseball, and let it sit on the end of the blower for 5-10 seconds before flicking it off, and catching it in your gloves to play with it.

“Hey! Hey it works,” one of the kids laughed, as a bubble floated around on her gloves.

The directions advise to handle the bubble gently, and the commercial shows kids playing with them with no popping. After a bit of gentle tossing though, Jen and our testers saw some popping.

One popped when it fell on the table, another bubble popped on the Magic Glove.

The kids each got several turns and kept having them pop.

Tunde Friewald says she could see Juggle Bubble occupying some time, but she could also see it getting frustrating.

Does it really do that?

“No, it doesn’t really work like it does in the commercial. Just no,” Tunde said.

Here are some other products we tested with better results that might give you some good ideas for stocking stuffers:

Some of the higher-priced items we found that work:

Happy Holidays!

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