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GREENSBURG (KDKA) — The case against a man accused of groping and sprinkling sugar on young girls at a Westmoreland County church was back in court Thursday where he was ordered into a special program.

Accused of pouring sugar on little girls’ heads and putting his hands on them in the basement of the Christ Church in Greensburg last month, 58-year-old Martin Eseny will not face trial over the matter.

“My client is not pleading guilty to any charges; he’s entering into the ARD program,” said Jennifer Lynch Jackson, Eseny’s attorney.

martin eseny1 Lawyer: Man Accused Of Sprinkling Sugar On Girls Vehemently Denies Inappropriate Conduct

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Originally charged with harassment and disorderly conduct, the North Huntingdon Township man agreed to what’s called Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, an offer usually given to first-time and non-violent offenders.

“He vehemently denies that he had any inappropriate contact with children,” said Jackson. “And the charges that were originally filed, don’t reflect any inappropriate contact with children.”

As for what happened inside the room with the kids and the sugar back on April 22 of this year.

Jackson says, “This was a large open room with 25 to 30 people in it, and a bunch of children were running around a circular table after church, throwing sugar at each other. Perhaps the children’s parents wanted to know why there was so much sugar in their hair, and this is the story they came up with.”

Also, according to Jackson, since the allegations went public Eseny has been getting threats.

“My client has been receiving threats via text message from members of the community who are mistakenly thinking that this is some sort of inappropriate touching case, which it never was,” said Jackson. “He’s absolutely is no threat to society; he has no prior criminal record.”

Terms for Eseny’s agreement include a mental health evaluation, he is not allowed to contact any of the children involved in the alleged incident and he must stay away from the church.