By KDKA Staff

(KDKA)- After a hard-fought win over the division rival Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday afternoon, the Steelers have improved to 11-0 on the season. Wednesday’s game was the second this season in which the Steelers had a game moved multiple times due to an opponent’s issues with COVID-19. But, they have continued to roll on and NFL on CBS’ analyst Amy Trask points to the mentality instilled by head coach Mike Tomlin as a big reason why.

“They have had some schedule hiccups that are borne of virus-related adjustments and Mike Tomlin leads this team with a, ‘I don’t want to hear about it. We’re not going to complain about it. We focus on what needs to be done,’ mentality. I love that,” said Trask. “Because look, in the moment in time in which we are living when people have real challenges and I mean life challenges, I don’t want to hear a football team complaining, ‘Well we didn’t get to play on Thursday, we have to play on Wednesday.’ I love Mike Tomlin’s approach which is, ‘We’re not going to complain about it, we’re just going to play.’ I think that’s tremendous.”

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Tomlin, now in his 14th season as head coach with the franchise, has been a consistent pillar for the team for a long time, one that Trask remembers well from her days with the Raiders. As maddening as it was for her as a competitor going against Tomlin’s team, she is impressed by his ability to adapt and put his players in the best position to succeed.

“The Steelers are known for consistency at the coaching position, they don’t change coaches often. They have a very stable environment. And he meshes with that and they mesh with him. And they give him room to be his best. That organization does what I think the best organizations do which is best position their coaches to be their best,” said Trask. “I don’t in any way mean to take away from Mike by saying that because he then does what the best coaches do. He best positions his players to be their best. It’s just a good combination back there.”

That steadiness, along with the return of Ben Roethlisberger from injury, has been a key in the team’s unbeaten start to this season. With five weeks left, the team can’t let up much as the Kansas City Chiefs, 10-1, are right on their heels in the fight for the top seed and lone bye in the playoffs. While the Steelers and Chiefs won’t face each other during the regular season, Trask, like many fans, is hoping to see the two clash in the postseason.

“Boy oh boy I hope we get to see that. Wow would that be a matchup. Two teams with very different styles. Two teams that are very well head coached. Both of those coaches best position their players to be their best,” said Trask. “That would be a delicious matchup. Their styles are so different, their manners are so different but they are both very well coached, I hope we get to see that.”

For now, the eyes of Steelers nation turn to the team’s next game, Monday night against the Washington Football Team.