PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – You can pay anywhere from $50 to more than $1,000 for a vacuum.

Whatever amount you pay, you want one that does a good job and doesn’t need lots of repairs.

Consumer Reports put a bunch to the test to size up cleaning power and which brands are most reliable.

Dan Bergman has been repairing vacuums for 35 years and he’s seen plenty of customers get really angry over their broken-down vacuums.

“Some people freak out. They say I need a vacuum right now. Can you repair it for me now or can you sell me something else?” Bergman said.

Consumer Reports, which tests close to 100 vacuums a year, has a good idea of how well vacuums hold up.

“We surveyed nearly 120,000 of our readers who had bought a vacuum in the past five years to see how many had been repaired,” Bob Markovich of Consumer Reports said.

Although Hoovers do well in the cleaning tests, based on the repair survey, Consumer Reports is no longer recommending Hoover uprights.

“Our survey shows that among upright vacuums, there are many more reliable brands than Hoover. That’s why we think there are better choices,” Markovich said.

One of those more reliable brands is Kenmore. Consumer Reports named the $260 Kenmore Intuition a best buy.

If you prefer a canister, Consumer Reports vacuum reliability survey found Electrolux has been the least reliable brand. One in six needed repairs. However, Consumer Reports said Hoover canisters aren’t a bad way to go.

“Only Rainbow and Dyson have been more reliable than Hoover among canisters. And they’re more expensive and don’t always perform as well,” Markovich said.

Consumer Reports recommends the Hoover Platinum Bagless Canister. At $365, it’s a best buy.

With both the recommended vacuums there is good news for pet owners.

The Hoover Platinum Bagless Canister and the Kenmore Intuition aced Consumer Reports’ new tough pet-hair tests.


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