Wounded Clairton Police Officer Loved Being A Cop

PETERS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The people who know and have worked with a Clairton police officer critically injured when responding to a home invasion say he loved being a cop.

“He brought a lot of proactive policing as well as a lot of experience from his other job,” Clairton Police Chief Robert Hoffman said.

Officer Jim Kuzak had only been in his department for two weeks.

Those who knew him say he was aware of the dangers of the job, but loved it. Before working in Clairton, Kuzak was a patrolman in Peters Township for 13 years. He retired to start a consulting and training business.

“He was a taser instructor for us. He also trained in martial arts,” Peters Township Police Chief Harry Frick said. “He was heavily into that and firearms, anything to accent what he did on the job.”

Frick told Brenda Waters Kuzak slept, lived and breathed being a cop, saying it was his life. Township Manager Michael Silvestri agrees.

“He was a very driven officer. He was always looking to get more educated,” he said. “He went back and got a degree, always volunteering to get involved in more aspects of police work.”

One of those aspects was honoring the memory of fallen law enforcement officers.

Kuzak was a member of “Cops On Top,” a team of volunteers from law enforcement who undertake mountain climbing expeditions in honor of those who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Kuzak climbed Mt. Davis, the highest point in Pennsylvania, two years ago.

“Our thoughts and our prayers go out to Jim and his family right now,” Chief Hoffman said.

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One Comment

  1. krista says:

    when u love what u do, u dont care about the wage.

  2. Bob says:

    loved? A little early to be ending his career.

    1. RIP says:

      I agree, i thought the guy died. The way the report went sounds like an obituary.

  3. joey says:

    Hey to bad that happened! But there are men an women all across the United States in the military being killed daily protecting out country and we dont set up funds and have them on the news as daily headlines when something happens. For military personal that are killed its only news once!. He took a job
    that he liked and knew the risks involved….
    Im sure he Enjoyed writing people tickets also but i will pray for him to get better

    1. Bob says:

      Nobody is trying to take away from our military and the amazing sacrifice they make for this country. That’s not what this story is about though. This is about a cop injured in the line of duty. Of course they all know the risks but that doesn’t make it any less of a story. The fact that they willingly go out there each shift fully knowing that it might be their last makes it more of a story. You should thank them instead of trying to insult them with your negative comments.

      And for the record . . . .I have donated to several funds and attended events set up for soldiers killed in the line of duty. Get your facts straight.


    To all Police Officers thanks for your service and my prayers are with you and our
    wounded friend .

  5. Dawn says:

    I am both a police officers wife and a military wife. I know and live the sacrafices of both! It takes a special person to do what these men/women do. No one is trying to take away anything from anyone. that being said, this is a place to comment about Officer Kusak. you dont think the military is getting enough respect … take that up with your Commander and Chief!!!! Everyone knows what you all are given, go look at the pages that are devoted to the troops … this is not, it is however for another type of hero, so respect that.

  6. a friend of Kuzak's says:

    chief harry from peters you should be ashamed or yourself for going on the news on behalf of Jimmy and you know why!

  7. FBrackenridgePD says:

    Those that love it and are willing to work for $8 an hour cause they get wood from it, are usually the worst thugs of them all

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