Paterno To Retire After Season

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STATE COLLEGE (KDKA) – With internal support apparently fading for Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, it appears that his tenure will be coming to an end very soon.

Paterno issued a statement through PR NewsWire on Tuesday, which announced that he will retire at the end of the season.

In the statement, Paterno said he wishes he would have done more regarding the alleged child sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the university.

“This is a tragedy. It is one of the great sorrows of my life. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more,” the statement said.

Paterno said that this will be his final season as the head coach at Penn State and that he is praying for the victims and their families.

“I am absolutely devastated by the developments in this case. I grieve for the children and their families, and I pray for their comfort and relief,” the statement said.

Players said Paterno was emotional when he announced his decision. Many said it was the first time they have seen him cry.

This was probably the first time I’ve ever seen him cry and I actually almost got teary-eyed myself. My dad played for him, my uncles played for him, my mom came here. Penn State is in my blood and it’s just hard to see a huge key person of Penn State to go like this,” linebacker Nate Stupar said.

“The whole time he was talking, you could tell he was really emotional about it. It’s kind of hard to say. I never saw him breakdown. No matter how many media clips you can look up, I never saw him breakdown and cry. He was crying the whole time he was talking. Obviously, he felt a certain way,” quarterback Paul Jones said.

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is accused of sexually assaulting several children while on Penn State’s campus.

Sandusky allegedly met the boys through his charity, The Second Mile. He faces 40 counts ranging from inappropriate touching to statutory rape.

The Board of Trustees met Tuesday night. They decided to establish a special committee to examine the circumstances which led to this scandal and a possible cover-up.

The board will meet again on Friday and Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to be in attendance. He will be examining what failures occurred, who is responsible and what measures need to be taken in order to prevent this from happening again.

According to an ESPN report, the board’s support of Paterno appears to have been fading.

At least 1,500 students rallied outside of Paterno’s home Tuesday night. Paterno eventually came out of his house, spoke to his supporters and asked them to pray for the victims in this scandal.

“I think we ought to say a prayer for them because you know … tough life when people do certain things to you,” Paterno said.

There have been many calls for Penn State President Graham Spanier to step down as well.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Tom Ridge, former governor and director of Homeland Security, was reportedly mentioned as a possible replacement for Spanier.


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One Comment

  1. Arch says:

    What CRIME has Joe been tried and convicted of that he “must go”? No one has been convicted of any crime yet.

    1. Penn State Creamery says:

      Eventually a “friend of the program” will be linked to the disappearance of D.A. Ray Gricar who was going to blow the lid off this in 2005.

    2. PSUsucks says:

      the first rule of the cult is to protect the cult!

    3. weeone says:

      the crime Arch is he did nothing to help a child, he’s acknowledged as much

    4. Michael says:

      Like the article says, he didn’t do enough. Just remember these weren’t players that were abused, these were little kids. Joe committed no crimes except a crime of omission.

    5. JM in San Diego CA says:

      He knew and didn’t do enough. He knew, he knew, he knew.

    6. Sonja Jones says:

      In the meantime, no PENSIONS or HEALTH CARE funded by poor taxpayers. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. treble says:

    I can’t but the grand jury report can.

  3. GO PSU! says:


    1. dpscll says:

      Sorry PSU – your Joepa is a sicko

  4. Zoeyzotron says:

    Tom Ridge! Excellent canidate to replace that liberal Christmas Tree hating Spanier! Love it!

  5. TimmyD. says:

    Please! He is not charged with a crime but MORALLY he should be given a life sentence. This whole episode in “Happy Valley” is disgusting. Now, once again, instead of just letting Joe go they give him the chance to retire at the end of the season. Everyone being intimidated by this jerk is why this whole disgusting mess has taken this long for anyone to do anything about it. Thank God one of the victims stepped forward or Sandusky would still be out there loose on the streets with everyone’s children in his path BECAUSE OF THE COACHES AND ADMINISTRATORS AT PENN STATE!!

    1. PATSNYC says:

      All of the university employees are MANDATED REPORTERS. That means that the law requires them to report all forms of child abuse. it is crime for them not to report. That is poor innocent Joe’s crime. For years he ignored the ongoing abuse.

  6. Bonnie says:

    As a victim of sexual abuse as a child by not only a neighbor of my grandmother’s but a great uncle as well, it stays with you FOREVER!! I know what it is like for your own family members to “sweep it under the carpet” never to mention it because of what it would do to the family. What about me?? What about all of those boys!!! I think very strongly that they all new about it but wanted to “sweep it under the carpet” in fear that they would loose money and all the bad publicity that it would cause. Apparently in the world that we live in money is much more important than life itself. Why should Joe or any of them get his retirement and all money due? They should have to give it to an organization dealing with child victims of sexual abuse. Why should any of them just get to walk away and forget about it and keep living their lives as if nothing has happened. I know first hand that sexual abuse is something that you live with for the rest of your life, you never forget it!! These things didn’t just affect me, my husband has to deal with it as well. KNOWING AND NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT IS A CRIME ITSELF!! THEY ALL SHOULD GO!!

    1. Grim Jester says:

      You are spot on. I cannot believe people are coming out and expressing sympathy for a coach that did nothing to protect kids. Everyone that knew about the incident and did not refer it to police should be in jail and waiting a trial.

      Those kids deserve at least that.

      1. ricardo maxwell says:

        you don’t react like a Nazi on second hand evidence regardless of who the victim is. Typical liberal garbage. A crime is worse because of who the victim is? A crime is a crime is a crime. Grow and use your brain. I know it’s been a ling time but try it out. The first hand witness is who goes to the police not the hearsay witness. JoePa did his part by notifying his superiors. They should have had University police either conduct their own investigation or ask for state Police assistance. A horrible crime made worse by liberal idiots piling on JoePa. I hope someone reports you all to the police without any evidence whatsoever!

    2. Burghnerdman says:

      Bonnie, i first want too say, thank you for speaking out about what happened to you as a child. It has also happened too me. The more we talk about it, The easier it becomes.
      I agree that they(PSU Coaching) should all serve some jail time for this one. Once the Witness went too JoePa, the ball should have kept on rolling. If there was going to be an investigation, it should have happened right then and there. Maybe countless other boys would not have been victomized. Even if it would have saved just one more boy, it would have been all worth it.
      Nobody has morals and ethics anymore. To them power and money are more inportant. “They sold their souls too the Devil”

    3. Roger says:


      My heart goes out to you. You and your family are in my prayers.

  7. David says:

    If I may ask, why is no one mentioning Mike Mcqueary (not sure if that is spelled correctly)? Here is a guy who as a graduate assistant had to be in his 20’s at the time. Here is a guy who WITNESSED what was happening to this boy young boy and what did he do? He turned and walked away and called daddy. Why did hi not walk in there and beat the living sh_t out of Sanducky? Why did he not try and stop it right then and there? Why did he not find the nearest phone and call the cops at that very moment? NO ONE is questioning this guy and his lack of actions. He could have saved this poor young boy right then and there and prevented the sick pervert Sandusky from being able to carry out his perversions any longer. We are so quick to blame this whole thing on JoePa, but what about the ONE guy who actually saw it happening and did NOTHING!!!???

    1. jackactionhero says:

      You think a guy in his 20s should attack a college football coach in the shower?

      You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, David.

      1. David says:

        I have no idea? The guy was 28 years old, a grown man. So you think it was better for him to walk away vs. trying to help protect a 10 year old boy? What is wrong with you, Jack?

      2. Bryan says:

        The guy was NOT a football coach when this happened. He was retired.

      3. JR says:

        Yes. Yes, a grown man should step in a save a child that is being attacked, while calling 911 on his cell phone.

        Call DADDY? No, he should have immediately called the freaking cops.

    2. JA says:

      Kind of makes you wonder if that’s why McQueary is now a coach there doesn’t it? I mean, how better to shut someone up then to give them a paycheck?!

      I think it all stinks but I think that as this all plays out, we’re going to find that Spanier was the ring leader of this cover up and he did everything he could to keep the lid on it. Money, threats, etc… It was, after all, HIS university and I’m sure he didn’t want this on his record in any way.

      I say don’t hang JoePa and McQueary just yet. We may all be surprised to find out what happened behind the scenes at this University. I don’t think any of them are innocent by any stretch but some are DEF going to be more guilty than others!

    3. Yehudah says:

      David, you are 100% right. Don’t we raise real men even in football anymore? Are we turning into Canada? For a man to see a boy being abused like that and not take immediate action to stop it is nothing but cowardice. And for his father to tell hi “Just go to Paterno”? It’s sickening.

      By the way, has anyone mentioned that the Sanduskys and the Mcquearys grew up together?

    4. GREYTLADY says:

      I can only imagine what was going through that poor little boy’s mind when he knew someone saw but did NOTHING help…………how can he EVER trust anyone ever again! These boys have been let down by men who have been esteemed by so many. God bless these boys and their families, they have a long road ahead of them, my heart bleeds for them.

      I hope all of these people who turned the other way when the “knew” what was going on rot in hell!

  8. jackactionhero says:

    Uh, he admitted knowing it happened at the time it happened.

  9. Brad says:

    Wow, something seemed off about this, now that homeland security has a tie to this case, i believe nothing.

  10. Jim Tressel says:

    Thanks Joe

  11. swin says:

    Why dance around? – He’s not retiring, he’s being fired.

  12. James says:

    I’m pretty sure the only thing we’re sure of is that a witness of an incident reported it to him, and that he, in turn, reported what this witness told him to the administration. Should he have called the cops? Everyone is saying yes, but maybe the question is, should the administration have called the cops after Paterno passed the allegation up the line to them?

    Nobody so far is saying that he saw anything himself, or necessarily knew if the witness spoke truly or not. It is not like he failed to report the incident at all, because we know he passed what he knew up to the administration. If Paterno may have done more, others were much more negligent than he was. It’s not at all clear that he should be taking the brunt of the blame here, as seems to be the case.

    At this point, based on what we do actually know, it’s really tough to say Paterno did anything wrong. If additional evidence comes out that may change, but so far that’s where we are in this whole thing.

    1. Tammy Hibbert Beardall says:

      what would joe have done if it had been his young son or grandson in that shower???!!!

    2. Reg says:

      You wonder if Paterno did nothing wrong – right or wrong, HE DID NOTHING.

      1. my2cents says:

        Paterno did EXACTLY as the Pope and Catholic church have ALWAYS done about this atrocity….nothing! Seemed to work out OK for the Pope. Just sayin…

      2. my2cents says:

        Paterno did EXACTLY as the Pope and Catholic church have ALWAYS done about this atrocity….nothing! Seemed to work out OK for the Pope.
        Did you rally and call for the Pope’s resignation when the Catholic Church was revealed to have these same disgusting problems?? I mean you have had a couple decades or so to talk about those very few men of courage in high positions. How often have you done so?? Neither is right for their actions of course, but why such a vehement response toward PSU when you’ve been quiet for the Pope?

      3. dr michael says:

        Whats wrong is wrong no matter who does the wrong. We all need to take a standfor what is right. Sadly, too many people feel that since it doesnt bother them, its not their concern

    3. JM in San Diego CA says:

      The cops apparently were called. There was a DA involved. How’d that happen without the cops?

  13. laura says:

    End of the season???? Kick his ass out NOW!

    1. GREYTLADY says:


  14. jon says:

    No kidding he wished he had done more; but he wanted to win more than he wanted to protect the children getting raped in his locker room by one of his staff. If he had taken the hit, by letting go the coach, he might have lost a few more games, but wouldn’t have been remembered as sheltering a pedophile….
    Can’t go soon enough Joe….

  15. Yehudah says:

    Of course he knew. If he didn’t know, then why did he tell Sandusky he couldn’t hold his camp at Penn State any more? Why did he tell him he would never be the successor at head coach? If your assistant tells you that he just saw another assistant having inappropriate sexual contact with a young boy, the only way you don’t sit him down and make him explain EXACTLY what he saw, is if you already know what’s going on.

    1. arpiem says:

      He told him he couldn’t be the head coach if he kept his camp, that’s all. He wasn’t the one who told him he couldn’t hold his camp at Penn State.

  16. Truth says:

    Pride comes before the fall.

  17. Joe Morality says:

    I really can’t see how JoePa is to blame for any of this, after all’ he “DIDN,T” do ANYTHING!!!!

    1. frmezo says:

      Not doing anything is why he is being blamed.

    2. Rhodium Heart says:

      I caught the sarcasm / irony. The screen name is the proof.

  18. PSU Fan says:

    I’m simply amazed by the lack of simply humanity.

    How does it even matter if Paterno broke the law?

    The fan, the players, the administration, the school should demand Paterno’s resignation now.

    Anything less is acceptance that Paterno’s decision to not call the cops himself was acceptable.

    Put yourself or your child in the situation at age 11 and ask yourself if protecting Paterno’s legacy is worth it.

    He’s crying over his legacy.

    The players are no better if they don’t stand up and refuse to play for this sub-human.

    The fans are no better if they don’t demand his resignation.

    The alumni association is no better if they don’t demand his resignation.

    The administration is no better if they don’t demand his immediate resignation.

    You are no better if you accept this type of behavior.

  19. Reg says:

    They have known since 1996, NINETEEN NINETY SIX according to grand jury testimony. They ALL need to go to jail. JoePa says he’s didn’t do enough !?! He didn’t do ANYTHING. He should ask himself what if it was his grandson being raped in the showers.
    There is a front row seat in hell for them all.

  20. Richard Carlson says:



    1. Michelle Wise says:

      Exactly….I hope they sue until there is no Penn State left. Everytime I hear of Penn State I will think….”that is the college where little boys were raped and no one cared….heck, they still played ball the following Saturday.

      1. Dave says:

        That is one of the most selfish statements I have ever read. You want Penn State to go away because of how hearing the name will affect you? This is an institution that has had a positive influence on millions of people. Because of one extremely evil and sickening man and a handful of people who made an egregious and extraordinary mistake you want to destroy the entire institution. Should the Catholic Church go away because of similar issues? What about the entire United States because of covered war crimes during Vietnam or the continued killing of innocent children with drones? I am very sad and angry about this, just as most people are, but I do not want to see countless others hurt and deprived of something that has offered something good to so many people because the name will remind me of something bad.

  21. Jeff Carroll says:

    AMEN did any of you read the statement by joe? HIS OWN WORDS admit that “he wished he had done more” there is no doubt of a cover up “pray for the victims” no doubt of a crime. not once did he use the terms” alleged “or “out of context”. this man has a history of saying exactly what he means and this is no exception. he should be fired today and banned from campus forever.

  22. Reg says:

    Check back in when you have a child then MAYBE you’ll realize just how stupid your comment is. Do you also walk around with a “Stop Snitching” t-shirt. JoePa is being attacked because he didn’t allow the system to play as you say, because he and the PSU admin decided to ignore the reports since 1996 !!!! 1996 – think about how many other victims there are because the accused is known.

    1. ricardo maxwell says:

      Reg check back when you have a brain.

  23. Reg says:

    Patrick, I believe you mean the Catholic church and not Catholics in general. Trust me I know the difference, I’m from Boston.

  24. Dan says:

    To Sandusky…. dont drop the soap cause they are gonna crush you in jail like the piece of garbage you are… even the worst criminals dont tolerate child molesters

  25. watchmanonthewall says:

    Paterno should be fired as should all school officials that knew about Sandusky’s affection for little tight ends and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT! It was a conspiracy of silence and anyone that defends Paterno or the athletic department at Penn State has some really serious moral degeneracy. Is thsi what football fanaticism does to people? Is this the price of a winning football team? Buggering 10 year old boys? It is a pathetic and a disgrace that they let this criminal Sandusky continue to abuse young boys. And don’t tell me he didn’t know about – we already know he did as he admitted “he wish he had done more.” Yes – so do I but you didn’t and that is the problem.

    1. Michelle Wise says:

      I agree….I am waiting on one football player to step forward and say they will not play for a college that has allowed this to happen. Is there one????? Anyone????? Is there no one left who will stand up for what is right regardless of what it may cost them?

  26. dpscll says:

    He knew and he also knew that the heads of the university were doing nothing about it. Now he’s playing the victim and pretends to feel sorry for the kids. I say put him in prison with the rest of the perverts.

    1. weeone says:

      few nights in East Penn., he’d know how those boys felt. JP is a sorry ass excuse for a man

  27. Michelle Wise says:

    If those grown men play Saturday for Joe….then they are saying they condone what happened. They will be just as guilty. Anyone that goes to the game will be endorsing this kind of behavior. DON’T TRY TO JUSTIFY IT….take a stand! Those little boys (at the time) deserve your support. When I hear they gave Joe a standing ovation….I wanted to scream….R U FREAKING KIDDING ME? If my son played for Penn…he would NOT play Saturday…will any of the parents stand up?

  28. watchmanonthewall says:

    “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more,” Hindsight? Are you sure that’s the word you want to use in this situation Joe? It was a criminal act – but you didn’t know it then and you know it now? It is a complete moral failure on Joe Paterno’s part and HE SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY! At least now Penn State fans have some courage and integrity.

    You have to wonder how much of this goes on in their football program? How many other coaches are sexually abusing players? What other schools have swept this under the rug and not only have compromised their morality but have broken the law in abetting and enabling child abusers? How about high school coaches. This game attracts pedophiles.

    1. Michelle Wise says:

      You are right about this game attracting pedophiles and anyone who thinks it does not has just not had to deal with it personally or know someone who has. Parents: if any adult takes a special interest in your child…it is probably NOT for a good reason, unfortunately.

  29. astralweeks says:


  30. nrt says:

    why would any guy be attracted to a kid anyway? what kind of appeal could there possibly be? a poor kid, for chrissakes

  31. Debra Angioletti says:

    Joe Pa is the NOT TO BLAME IN ALL THIS! He’s just the scapegoat. WHY DESTROY HIM over what others did! Take responsibiltiy guys don’t let Joe suffer for what you did. LONG LIVE JOE PA

    1. Rhodium Heart says:

      He let it happen. He knew young boys were being ANALLY RAPED (see, I can use ALL CAPS too!) and he chose to do nothing. He may not have broken any laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but he broke the rules of any moral code worth having. Paterno is not a scapegoat. He was an ENABLER.

      1. Rodger Ellis says:

        If you were there and witnessed this, then why didn’t you come forward and report it? If you were not there, then shut it..

      2. Rhodium Heart says:

        @Rodger Ellis: Read the grand jury report. It might help you with the process of removing your head from the part of the human anatomy that Sandusky (with Paterno’s knowledge) likes to invade on young boys.

  32. cntrlfrk says:

    I always wondered what a “Nittany” was.

    Now I find out it is Indian for “Child Molester”



  33. Michelle Wise says:

    It is called being a man of courage. Just think if the QB came out and said he would not play for a university that allowed this to happen. it would show the victims that someone in a lofty position is willing to stand up and do the right thing…consequences be damned! It is called protecting the most innocent among us. Too bad…. we have very, very few men of courage in high positions.

    1. my2cents says:

      Did you rally and call for the Pope’s resignation when the Catholic Church was revealed to have these same disgusting problems?? I mean you have had a couple decades or so to talk about those “very few men of courage in high positions.” How often have YOU done so?? Neither is right for their actions of course, but why such a vehement response toward PSU when you’ve been quiet for the Pope?

    2. David Blake says:

      well said, my2cents

  34. FatherOfFourSons says:

    I make no judgement, only this statement: “It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.”

  35. Brian says:

    I want to know the authority conveniently waited until after he got his record breaking win before swooping down on these clowns. They knew much sooner than this I’m sure. Penn State as an institution will be damaged for years to come.

  36. Mark Heidenreich says:

    You know, all I see here is a bunch of anti-PSU folks that now have a chance to attack a fine university. Paterno should have done more, indeed. McQueary could have intervened immediately, but I don’t see him being attacked as much as PSU and Paterno. That means that all of this criticism is locked in hatred of PSU before this incident happened. Nice to know that a bunch of nihilists take the molestation of children as an opportunity to attack a great university. It will still be a great university when it is all done. Hopefully any criminal wrongdoing leads to full and complete prosecution of the guilty.

    As far as Paterno, I wish he had done more also, but I am sure as the time goes by, he is going to pay a huge penalty for not following through. However, nothing he has done is criminal.

    As for the people celebrating the demise of great men, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why such an ugly event would make you so happy.

    Mark H.

    1. Michelle Wise says:

      Let me assure you that I have no hatred of Penn State. I do not care about football. I indict everyone who knew, suspected, etc….and DID NOTHING TO STOP IT! I attack those in positions of power at Penn State…all of them whether I use their name or not.

      I celebrate nothing in this case….I question whether Joe is a great man….how anyone can say he is is beyond me. A little boy was raped and Joe and all the others DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!

      Nothing in this case makes me happy….I mourn deeply for the victims. Whether you like it or not….Penn State will always be known as the place where little boys were raped and no one cared. Penn State can start repairing the damage by cancelling the rest of the football season and firing everyone involved TODAY!

    2. frmezo says:

      You sound like someone that paid a lot of money for your degree from psu. Sorry, but you should be more outraged about this than anyone else, because now every time you mention your school, this will be the first thing people think about. When we the outsiders turn on the news and see psu students standing up for this guy, it makes it look even worse. JP would be doing you all a favor if he just ducked out the back door and disappeared from the program.

  37. frmezo says:

    Before reading the grand jury report, I wasn’t sure what should happen to JP. I have listened to the media play this thing out for a couple of days. After reading the actual grand jury report, there is no doubt that sandusky should be in the ground, everyone that knew about him should be in jail for not reporting this and safeguarding all those kids. Just for good measure, and to make sure nobody slipped through the cracks, everyone else left in leadership from both the college and the charity should be fired. There are so many things they all did wrong. What are the consequences? Maybe kids were tortured that could have been saved from this monster. I am also thinking it is very likely that all these key players have destroyed evidence in their desire to keep their own behinds safe. Will it be more difficult to prosecute this atrocity to the human race after all this wasted time? Everyone defending these people needs to do some soul searching.

  38. hershey squirt says:

    wait a minute…nobody has been found guilty of anything and yet Joe is apologizing for it and praying for all the victims. Obviously he knows more than has been revealed. He should resign immediately!

  39. steve thomas says:

    Whats great about a man who helps a pedophile? May paterno rot in hell like the others that stood by and did nothing. All it take for evil to triumph is good men do nothing!!

  40. jabsd asjdba says:

    Well, If I cannot tell you.

    Then I guess I just replied to.

    Waste some space.

  41. Jrjr says:

    If Joe Pa was Catholic, perhaps he was following the Catholic Churches’ lead in keeping pedophilia quiet for another 20 years. If one of the injured was one of Joe Pa’s umpteen kids, would he have kept quiet? It’s not my job!

  42. Bill Blass says:

    I don’t know what Marty’s wife is wearing but she looks like she had her body tattooed

  43. Michelle Wise says:

    May what happened to those little boys never happen to you or anyone you love. Always be a man of courage.

    1. Bryan says:

      Liberals dont believe in the Death Penalty and will fight it tooth and nail.

  44. Doogy says:

    It all gets down to protecting our own. All these universities do this kind of stuff. Why do we continually mollycoddle athletes and coaches just so we can win football, basketball, baseball games, etc. This is sickening. Make these places get their priorities straight. Quit accepting people in major academic universities who can’t spell Kat or Dawg. Why do we accept less than stellar individuals just so they can play sports? I am slowly losing interest in all college athletics because of the prima dona treatments given to these jugheads. I lost interest in Pro sports years ago. This is a terrible situation and one that got completely out of hand because numerous people did not do the right thing because they were afraid of what it would do to their “Program”. Absolutely Disgusting,

  45. dennism says:

    Stop apologizing, Joe. You have done nothing wrong. It is political correctness run a muck!

    1. frmezo says:

      Saying “happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas is political correctness run a muck. Covering up the rape of children is pretty much universally considered wrong.

  46. Grant Schultz says:


  47. JohnRalph says:

    “Penn State is in my blood and it’s just hard to see a huge key person of Penn State to go like this,” linebacker Nate Stupar said.

    Kind of like the blood coming out of those little boy’s anuses, you piece of football gutter trash?

  48. Cindy Schultz says:

    No one knows the long lasting effect of sexual abuse of a child unless it happened in your family. I truely hope that these children come together and fry these “people”.

    1. Danna Krukowsky says:

      When I was a nursing student I spent time in a psyche unit…and in that unit at the time was a young military veteran who stole a car and drove to the hospital to admit himself instead of dying by pointing a gun at a policeman so the policeman would shoot him. When the dust cleared it was all because he was raped by a man when he was a young child many many years ago…
      The effects of rape are devastating and last a lifetime.

  49. JohnRalph says:

    How dare they besmirch the American religion of football, it’s blasphemous. The fans have a right to worship the American football God undisturbed by some heathen behavior.

  50. JM in San Diego CA says:

    I’ll risk it, bubba. I’ll say he knew. I’ll say it until my throat explodes.

    The DA did nothing and the school did nothing. Every time Paterno saw Sandusky walking free, he knew. You Paterno-lovers insist he did all he could? Bull—!

  51. Rhodium Heart says:

    With all due respect, you are due no respect. Sandusky is in jail, charged with a crime. Justice is finally being served in his case. Paterno still has a job. He ran the program. He is still coaching and is being allowed to leave on his own terms. He set the tone for the whole program and willfully ignored the fact that a young boy of age 10 was being raped right under the nose of one of his coaches. Oh that’s right, he referred it to the Athletic Director. In other words, he delegated the cover-up to a subordinate. That’s why St. Joe is being nailed to the cross. Yes, the fires of hell will burn a whole lot stronger for Sandusky. But someone who willingly allows multiple boys to be raped — raped not just fondled or touched but actual sexual intercourse with young boys — deserves far worse than what any internet commenters can dole out. May God have mercy on the damned souls of Joe Paterno and Cowardly Mike McQueary.

  52. pilky says:

    joe p and his superiors are equally guilty for this incident to promulgate
    through the years. unfortunate for all involved but it is time to
    convict all involved and this is a tougjh pill for penn state.

  53. JM in San Diego CA says:

    From Penn State to the State Pen. It’s such an old joke and yet Sandusky will act it out … if he doesn’t kill himself first.

  54. JM in San Diego CA says:

    ” … I wish I had done more,” the statement said.

    Yeah, Joe, so do we. … and so do those kids

  55. Rhodium Heart says:

    The Athletic Director at Penn State was not a supervisor. He was a subordinate. You know that. And when nothing happened, was Paterno so frickin’ old that he couldn’t use one of those newfangled talking voice machines to call the cops himself? Was he confused because his cellphone didn’t have a dial on it? I don’t understand your need to apologize for a great moral evil.

  56. JM in San Diego CA says:

    Michelle (fat ass and all … or maybe not) writes so much better than you do, I’m siding with her just for that. In addition, it wasn’t third hand, it was first hand. The observer went to Paterno and thence to the higher-ups. Read the grand jury report, as I did … and as Michelle probably did.

    And Michelle, your fanny size is immaterial to me. Keep posting here.

    1. Michelle Wise says:

      I will keep posting here….thanks. What others think of me personally is immaterial to me…I am hoping I don’t go to bed tonight knowing that Joe and the President still have a job. I am saddened they have not already been fired.

      Letting Joe coach Saturday will be telling all the victims and the rest of the world that it was okay and not a big deal that you were raped in the locker room at Penn State. End of story.

  57. Bryan says:

    He who is without sin may cast the first stone.

  58. JeddMcHead says:

    He wishes he had done more? Like what? Call the police? Report a crime? I mean, c’mon! Sure he could have done the right thing — but he didn’t.

    I’m sure it was no big deal really to those EIGHT BOYS who were molested, right? Yeah, Joe has regrets — guess that’s the real story.

  59. Alan says:

    Joe said he wish he would have done more and prays for victims. He could do more than praying, by asking any victims to come forward. He has not done that. Only the pol;ice have asked victims to come forward. Hey Joe, u still could more by re-assuring victims to come forward. But u and the University have failed in that respect as well.

  60. Clarence Candaleria says:

    Typical Catholic.

  61. Judy Thomas says:




    1. my2cents says:

      Paterno did EXACTLY as the Pope and Catholic church have ALWAYS done about this atrocity….nothing! Seemed to work out OK for the Pope. Just sayin…

  62. snapperboy says:

    Paterno disgusts me; his moral code evidently accepts the rape of little boys to further his own football career.

    1. Alan says:

      I agree. I am just as mad about the influence he would have by re-assuring victims it’s OK to come forward. He still could do more than pray. NOT ONE person associated with Penn State has asked any victims to come forward. So Joe, you CAN DO MORE. Re-assure hesitant victims to come forward. Don’t just leave the police out there asking victims to come forward. Do it your self.

      1. Michelle Wise says:

        Excellent point.

  63. Dave72 says:

    Paternoville? More like Pedophileville

  64. Scott says:

    Joe alway’s was the big rightous phony. Now it show’s he thinks he’s bigger than the university. Protect his legacy. Go to Hell Joe.

  65. shameonjoe says:

    It *might* have been a *mistake* not to follow up is a gross understatement. Innocent until proven guilty is something to be decided by the courts/jury…not Joe Paterno. He should have reported the incident to police for them to investigate but he didn’t. No one did. They made the determination outside of the law. They had no right to do so.
    Of course attacks are aimed at Paterno, he allowed children to be raped. He’s not the only one facing the flames but he has been the face of PSU for decades and he’s guilty of a horrific moral failing (at least). He, along with the others who knew and did nothing, deserve to be held to account.

  66. Pedophile State University says:

    Joe Pa knew and he did nothing. He even said so himself. His legacy is now garbage.

  67. jerry dever says:

    Some people are missing the point. The problem isn’t PSU or Paterno. It is the mentality that anything is ok as long as your are winning. Remember the U of Miami & Nebraska teams that had numerous felons on their teams? If you can play (or coach) many very bad things will be overlooked. If you suck at playing (or coaching), they will turn you in in a new york minute.

  68. Dr. Eviler says:

    JoePa and Penn State love them some kiddie rapists. The coach is a disgusting piece of sh!1.

  69. Michelle Wise says:

    Finally….people of courage doing the right thing. Paterno and the Pres. are fired…immediately. May justice find everyone involved.

    May the victims find peace in their lives.

    1. Alan says:

      Peace… and a few good lawyers

  70. name says:

    He wishes he had done more? He wishes he had not been found out. This “man” let countless boys be raped by a pedophile because he did not want to make waves. I have NO SYMPATHY FOR A MAN WHO SEES THIS KIND OF EVIL AND WALKS AWAY. HEY FELLA, SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE HAUNTED BY THOSE LITTLE BOYS.

  71. Farmer Bob says:

    “Sandusky was arrested Saturday on charges that he preyed on boys he met through The Second Mile, a charity he founded for at-risk youths. ”

    Yeah, they were “at risk” all right. Where there are children there will be perverted predators. Where there is one there are more. Where there are more, they protect each other.

  72. Billy Moreno says:

    The guy who walked in and witnessed this first hand did nothing to physically stop the man from raping the boy. That is criminal in itself. Sounds like he didn’t want to, “rock the boat” and keep his job. Obviously, this graduate student failed ethics. All these so called, “men” put their lust for fame and glory above protection of children. I hope all these cowards are charged and convicted and the heavy fines they pay go to the victims. Nice call Joe, way to go. Makes you wonder what other immoral acts these guys committed selling their souls for a silly little game…. Sorry, but in this case football is silly when you’re allowing children to be raped just so people can tell you how great you are….

  73. Anti Goebbels says:

    The CBS article seems to be missing something huge. I don’t know anything about this case, but based on the CBS article, Paterno and Prez did nothing wrong. However, based on the comments on the board, the CBS article is a complete failure at reporting important elements that would indite Paterno and the Prez. National level journalism is so very sad. If CBS is failing to report something really critical about this story, CBS needs to be fired too.

  74. Anti Goebbels says:

    Reg says: “Patrick, I believe you mean the Catholic church and not Catholics in general. Trust me I know the difference, I’m from Boston.”
    Reg, you’ve nailed something serious on the head. Patrick’s statement is 100% stereotyping with malicious intent. Unfortunately, there are people so bigot’d in this country and the bigotry is so far up their rear ends that it spews out of their mouths and they don’t know it. The general culture and media encourage this kind of bigotry too. It happens to the political right and the Christian community. We need to step beyond this culture of division that so many are promoting. There are bad apples out there, but we should be above stereotyping.

    1. Patrick OMalley says:

      When I say Catholic church, I’m talking about the priests and Bishops. Bishops hid 4,392 priests, and in many cases, moved them. They broke the rules of their own religion.

      Please defend that.

  75. Anti Goebbels says:

    Very sad for Paterno. There may or may not be enough to indite him, I don’t know. But this I do know, losing his job will end his life quite promptly. Football has been his life. It’s over now.
    The debate goes over to capital punishment, by cruel and unusual means. Is it right?

  76. Anti Goebbels says:

    Clarence Candeleria says “Typical Catholic.”
    Clarence apparently doesn’t know what stereotyping with malicious intent is about. It’s about bigotry and it’s so far up his rear end that it spews out of his mouth. Shame. Clarence: You owe an apology in a big way and possibly deserve to spend the rest of your life behind bars in the same cell as Sandusky. If Sandusky is not Catholic, that fate is perfect.

  77. John Paulstrom Southwalk says:

    The true measure of the mental illness is those that are concerned about football, a coach, a school and their income rather than the many children raped.

    Degenerates on the same level as those that committed the crimes and covered them up. Accessories after the fact. Supporters after the fact. They too are also part of the problem. A very deep sickness that propels them all. —-

    ———————- ——————

  78. fulredy says:

    Penn State has no class! Joe has devoted more than 60 years to the University and the young men who played football there. The regents are so busy covering their ass that they are painting everyone with the same brush.

  79. HTuttle says:

    “The winningest coach in major college football history was fired Wednesday night, sending angry students into the streets where they shouted support for Paterno and tipped over a news van.”

    This is what democracy looks like.

  80. mgq says:

    “I wish I had done more” is a statement of admission!

  81. Ron Staiger says:

    You wished you had done more, Joe?????? How do you think the children who were abused by Sandusky AFTER you were notified feel? The only factors that mitigate your criminal responsibility are your age and probable senility. Good riddance, JoePa.

  82. redtruck says:

    Joe also needs prayers for himself – if he is planning on spending eternity in a place less than 500 degrees on any given day. Is this man kidding – just like priests that did this dreadful, dreadful stuff – left some of us Catholics stunned for years – this just brings up the old anger, confusion, disgust.

  83. Michael says:

    That’s right, Penn St loves child molesters and we’ll fight to the death to protect child rapist!!! Go Penn St Go, Fight for rapist Fight! GOOOOO MOLESTERSSSSSS!

  84. ava says:

    I don’t see any africans americans at Penn State or in the crowd..Just on the football team (slaves?

  85. TheRealKingMax says:

    Today’s Lesson drooled the following….

    “I hate these guys like Ricardo Maxwell who uses any platform to take shots at liberals. We get it, you hate liberals. What has that got to do with this story?

    You throw around “liberals” because it makes you feel good to put down others. Back in the day you did the same thing to blacks. Now you have to say “N-word” but it doesnt carry the same weight as before now, does it?. So, Maxwell, if you keep it up one day soon you will have to say “L-word” when damning people those that care about things other than money”.


    Over your dead body.

  86. soccerhick says:

    So “Paterno said he wishes he would have done more” because he got caught not because he knew a 10 year old boy had been molested.

  87. cal mcguire says:

    I have been almost manic in searching, and hoping, for news that McQueary had been fired.

    McQueary demonstrates that his abject cowardice continues. He is not man enough to admit that he failed as a human being, nor is he man enough to be ashamed of himself.

    McQueary’s indecent lack of immediate intervention, most probably enabled a pedophile to continue to abuse an untold number of children for years! There is no excuse. None. McQueary, himself, told the Grand Jury he observed the rape of a 10 year old child, with his own eyes! And…..left.

    McQueary did NOTHING to insure the safety of a child being attacked, NOTHING to follow up on the health and welfare of that child, and virtually NOTHING to bring a pedophile to justice.

    Penn State needs to send McQueary the message that his inaction, above all, was unacceptable. He needs to be fired! MORAL CLARITY NOW!

  88. cal mcguire says:

    Paterno “wishes he had done more”???

    The countless number of children, raped in the past 9 years while Joe did nothing, probably agree.

  89. UrsusRexx says:

    …It would appear that being employed as either a ‘sports coach’, at a major university or ‘C.E.O.’, of a 1.2 billion-member religious cult, has some hidden effect which suddenly removes adult human males of their ability to navigate the telephone system, (call ‘911’).
    I wonder what (the late) Rev. Bruce Ritter, (the late) Rev. John Gauguin, Rev. Paul ‘sex tourist’ Shanly, Bishop Robert (“There was so much child porn, I didn’t know what to do…”), Flynn, &/or, Bernard ‘Cardinal’ Law, (aka, ‘Skittered back under a roman rock’) Law, would have to say about this situation!
    Oh, that’s right:
    …One has to go to Europe, (Belgian Rev. Bishop Venguelewe, who testified on Tv to years-long affair w/ his 2 pre-teen nephews, dismissing any alleged criminal or moral culpability), or Rev. Bishop Richard Williamson, SSPX, (who has done ever-so-much to solidify ‘good relations’ between two, of the three Abrahamic Faiths), would say…
    Yo, Pope Benny16: How’s that superficial P.R. effort, (“riddin’ the church of It’s filth), goin?
    …Is it goin as well as the ‘Mass attendence’ reduction effort?

  90. AT says:

    There will be years of criminal and civil trials now. Paterno just admitted guilt with this statement and it will come back to him in the civil suits he will face. He and the university will lose many millions about this.

  91. Michelle Wise says:

    Did I just hear correctly….Mike McQuery (sp) will be coaching Sat.? really? The man who witnessed a little boy being raped and did not call police will be allowed to coach Saturday? Disgusting!

  92. Michelle Wise says:

    Tom Bradley makes me want to puke. What a poor excuse for a man. Chokes up when talking about Joe….not the little boys who were raped. I wonder what Tom knew and when he knew it???

    Penn State could start repairing the damage but they are not…..Pedophile State University.

  93. pedophile hater says:

    Rot in Hell LOSER

  94. truedat says:

    “Pass the buck Joe” condoned this by allowing Sandusky to continue coaching right alongside him. Failing to report a CRIME is also a crime.

  95. Farmer Bob says:

    New Penn State football cheer:

    “Hey, hey, don’t ask! Hey, hey, don’t tell! Hey, hey, just drop your pants and enjoy your trip to hell.”

  96. Don Fleeher says:

    Franco said it best.

    If I had to choose today between the moral integrity and character of Joe Paterno and the politicians and commentators criticizing him, I would pick Joe Paterno, hands-down, no contest every time.” Franco Harris.

  97. gijoeloser says:

    oooh look at me i couldnt get a job in the real world so i joined the service now i want you to call me a hero get lost

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