PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — We’re into day four of protestors standing outside of the Exxon station on Marshall Avenue.

They say they’re disappointed in the charges filed against the men involved in the attack.

Saying it makes him “sick,” Mayor Bill Peduto referenced the violent fight between two black women and the men who own the Exxon gas station on Twitter.

“We cannot be a civilized society and tolerate any violence against women. We must come together as one unified community and end all violence against women. All of us.”

“This is violence against women,” said protestor, Amber Sloan.


Overnight we learned more information about what happened Friday, September 20th.

According to police, the two men who own the gas station claim they were the ones attacked by Ashia Regan and Jamila Regan.

The women say they wanted a refund of $17 for gas that spilled from a malfunctioning pump. But the owners refused and that’s when an argument turned violent.

In the video, which went viral, shows the scuffle.

The owners, along with an employee were charged with simple assault.

Charges some say are not enough.

“I believe this is something that most women rights in the state of Pennsylvania should blatantly speak out about,” said Sloan.

Tim Stevens, Chairman of the Black Political Empowerment Project, sent a letter to the mayor, public safety director and chief of police.

He calls the simple assault charges a slap in the face and goes on to say:

“In our opinion, this situation calls out for justice. One of these women was thrown against a gas pump. If that act was not a form of reckless endangerment, and aggravated assault, what would be?”

And protestors say they will continue to be at the station day after day because they’re determined to shut it down.