The start date for Pittsburgh Public Schools was pushed back to September 8.By Chris Hoffman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Public Schools will not be welcoming students back to class on Monday morning.

Thanks to a shortage of devices needed for remote learning, nearly 24,000 students will begin school a week later than planned — beginning on September 8.

KDKA’s Chris Hoffman reported from Carrick High School on Saturday where administrators were distributing laptops to families when they started running into problems.

Parents started lining up hours before the distribution and for some it was their second or third try to get the laptops.

Administrators say they have ordered enough but supply chain issues are causing a delay in getting them.

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Some of those parents and students would be turned away as supplies ran out quicker than expected because of the supply chain issues.

The district says about 1,200 devices were given out on Saturday at at several schools.

As of Thursday, about 6,600 devices have been distributed or exchanged to students in need.

Around 1,800 devices that were issued to students last year need to be exchanged for the devices that will work with this years e-learning.

The district is expecting up to 7,000 devices to come in by the end of next week.

Teachers will use the next week to create and refine lesson plans.

A survey will be issued to to see what adjustments need to be made to the district calendar.

Families that have access to devices are asked to use that device until more arrive in October.

Click here to learn more about what type of devices can be used for the district’s remote learning plans.