The university said it has asked Dannielle Brown to follow social distancing guidelines and to stop using a bullhorn in her demonstrations near campus.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Duquesne University recently provided an update on what actions it is taking to address the case of Marquis Jaylen “J.B.” Brown and the demands of Dannielle Brown.

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On Friday, a spokesperson from the university said that they had ordered body cameras for the campus police department. The first-year costs for the system will amount to $90,000 and will cost $43,000 every subsequent year for technological maintenance. The cameras are expected to arrive in three weeks, but the university said it has requested expedited shipping.

“While city and Duquesne police officers have interviewed multiple witnesses who have shared the same account relative to what happened on that evening when Marquis ‘Jaylen’ Brown tragically died, and we believe without a doubt that our officers acted in the most prudent manner possible, we believe that body cameras are a public safety and community relations best practice,” the spokesperson wrote.

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Duquesne University is also urging Dannielle Brown to follow COVID-19 mitigation guidelines and to not use a bullhorn, saying that it is disruptive to students learning on campus. The university said that the Court has requested Dannielle Brown to file a complaint stating her allegations against Duquesne University. Duquesne University said it is unaware of Brown’s current legal counsel.

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“By requesting that the court direct Ms. Brown to file a complaint and set forth her allegations, the University hopes that the traditional methods of obtaining evidence and testimony—through requests for documents, depositions, and (if necessary) a trial in open court—will allow all of the evidence to be obtained by Ms. Brown through a fair, open, and comprehensive process, thus allowing her to find the answers she seeks so she and the University can reach closure in this tragic matter,” the spokesperson said.