A partnership of local organizations and artists is working on an artist residency and community engagement plan for the mural site.By Chris Hoffman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Black Lives Matter mural along the Allegheny River has been painted over in black paint, but this is all part of the plan according to the artist.

According to RiverLife and the Office of Public Art, the artist wants to repair the mural and over the next few months into the winter and spring wants to talk with other artists about how to redevelop this mural.

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“Try to get more of a community vibe and a cultural vibe as far as Black Lives,” Camerin Nesbit who goes by the artist name of “Camo” said.

“Camo” recently painted over parts of the mural with black paint.

(Photo Credit: Chris Hoffman/KDKA)

In the next few days, he will put the letters for Black Lives Matter back up so they can be seen around the area.

“Seeing how we can make this as big of a thing as possible, and how we can support everyone that is involved and wants to be involved,” Nesbit said over Zoom.

Then Nesbit said he’ll work to repair the mural. He plans to work with other artists to make it a focal point. The Black Lives Matter mural was originally painted in early June of 2020 following the death of George Floyd. It has also been vandalized multiple times in the last few months.


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Stephan Bontrager, the RiverLife Vice President of Communications, said the final project will continue to drive powerful conversations.

“You’re going to have this sense of community spirit in place there, and it’s going to show this is an important part of the riverfront,” Bontrager said.

Riverlife expects that new projects will start development in April of 2021.

“Make this part of Pittsburgh’s scene and do it in a fruitful manner,” Nesbit said.

He wants the mural to continue to push the message behind Black Lives Matter, promote Black artists and drive public art.

As this mural makes a metamorphosis, he hopes the world can too.

“I hope with movements like this we can have more people doing things like this and we can honestly change the world,” Nesbit said.

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