DETROIT, Michigan (KDKA) — The husband of Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner took the stand in his own defense Monday in a Detroit courtroom.

Khari Mosley was found not guilty on all counts, announced Monday afternoon.

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He was charged with disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct for an incident at a hotel earlier this year.

Closing arguments began at 1:30 p.m. The jury deliberated for 45 minutes.

“I feel vindicated. I feel like the truth is finally out,” Mosley told KDKA political editor Jon Delano. “We’re not over yet, but we’re beginning to put this nightmare behind us.”

Wagner will face trial on more serious charges on Nov. 12 in Detroit.

She was arrested after confronting officers who were trying to remove Mosley from the hotel they were staying in after he lost his key card.

More Detroit police video camera of both Mosley and Wagner has become public on Monday.

In one video, Mosley is escorted out of his hotel and told he’s not under arrest but asked to get into the squad car.

Officer: “Now let me ask you this, are you and your wife having problems?”

Mosley: “Squad car?”

Officer: “You’re not under arrest. You ain’t got no cuffs on. Have a seat.”

Mosley: “Why do I got to sit in a squad car?”

Officer: “Now, if you want to stand outside. He said you threatened to hit him and [expletive].”

Officer: “Now, let me ask you this, are you and your wife having any problems?”

Mosley: “No problems, no problems. We went to the Nas concert this evening.”

Officer: “Have a seat. You’ve been drinking a little whatever.”

Mosley: “This is crazy.”

Inside the vehicle, Mosley tries to explain what happened.

Officer: “Does she have a cell phone or what?”

Mosley: “She’s asleep. It’s late as hell. We drove up from Pittsburgh.”

Officer: “You don’t have a room key or anything?”

Mosley: “I do not have a room key. I do not.

Mosley: “She has a room key. She’s asleep.”

WATCH: The Full Police Body Camera Footage From Inside The Hotel Room.

It’s after this that Detroit police go to Wagner’s room on the 10th floor of the Westin Hotel, find the door ajar, and enter.

“Why is the door open like that. Detroit police. You all right,” an officer shouts out.

At first they are not sure anyone is in there, then they hear a sound from Wagner.

Officer: “Detroit police, Where you at? Oh my god, are you OK?”

Wagner: “Hahahahaha”

Officer: “Detroit police.”

Wagner: “You’re funny.”

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Officer: “I’m Officer Wichert. What’s your name, ma’am?”

Wagner: “You’re so funny.”

Officer: “Huh?”

Wagner: “You’re so funny.”

Officer: “Ma’am, ma’am, you’ve been drinking a little bit?”

Wagner: “A little.”

Officer: “My name is Officer Wichert.”

Wagner: “Hahahahaha”

Officer: “Do you know Mr. Mosley?”

Wagner: “I do.”

Officer: “Is he allowed in this room tonight?”

Wagner: “If he has basketball clothes.”

Officer: “He does, a red…”

Wagner: “Hahahahaha”

Officer: “Can I bring him back to this room?”

Wagner: “You may.”

Officer: “Do you have ID somewhere without getting out of the bed?”

Officer: “She’s wasted, dude.”

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In a sit-down interview with Jon Delano, Wagner reviewed what happened in her hotel room.

“It is very, very eerie. It is very disturbing to me,” said Wagner.

Wagner denies she was intoxicated and said she was in a very deep sleep.

“I’m in a deep dream, and you can see in this video that I never open my eyes,” Wagner said.

“The police say I’m toast because they can’t seem to discern that while I’ve had a few drinks that night I’m sleeping,” Wagner said.

What about her answers to the officer and the laughter?

Delano: “Were you just dreaming something funny?”

Wagner: “Oh, yes, absolutely, because if I ever knew the police were in my room, I would have been awake and terrified and disturbed.”

Prior to taking the stand, Mosley said he was optimistic.

“I feel good with how everything has gone at this point. To be honest, it’s a day I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time,” he said.

“[The] hotel basically created a false police report, and the police never really understood why they were there. So these will all come out, and I think these all will be even more clear as Khari tells it from his perspective and speaks directly to the jurors,” said Wager.

The couple says the case is taking a toll on them, and they thank those people who have offered their support.

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