It will be another eight weeks before Chauvin is sentenced.By Amy Wadas

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Local lawyers are reacting after Derek Chauvin was found guilty on charges.

It was a verdict that came down Tuesday after just 10 hours of deliberations. It was something defense attorney Blaine Jones didn’t expect.

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“I was surprised the verdict happened so fast. But when I really stepped back and thought about it, it almost seemed the trial was the formality because I think the court of public opinion already made its decision,” said Jones.

A decision that, Jones said, didn’t bode well for Chauvin — especially because the jury wasn’t sequestered.

“I don’t see how them not being sequestered helped Mr. Chauvin and don’t think you can get a fair and partial jury for a case of this magnitude,” said Jones.


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Attorney Todd Hollis also weighed in.

“I agreed with all the counts and thought all appropriately charged,” said Hollis. “This is a moment we should applaud, but I think real changes need to happen.”

So what’s next for Chauvin?

“There may be arguments the prosecution makes that he should be sentenced in a certain way based on how Floyd died,” said Hollis.

“Based on the video and overwhelming evidence and based on fact that this is a police officer who held a higher standard, I think the judge will give Chauvin a tremendous amount of time,” said Jones.

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It will be another eight weeks before Chauvin is sentenced. He will await that court date in jail since the judge revoked the former officer’s bail.