PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When Ben Roethlisberger’s left hand went to his right elbow, Steelers Nation felt the twinge.

“That makes me slightly sad,” one fan said.

“Pure sadness today. Big Ben Fan,” said another.

But if you’re expecting a flood of black and gold tears, prepare yourself for this: “I think it’s time for him to hang up his helmet, really,” said a fan.

“As bad as he’s looked in game one — not bad, but just off with his deep throws, short passes – something’s been wrong, so I think it’s time to start looking and see what we have,” one Steeler supporter said.

One fan said, “Watching the game yesterday, I felt Ben really wasn’t in the game yesterday, and from the beginning, we said ‘let’s put Mason in.'”


That’s right. As heartless as it sounds, the fan base is okay with moving on and excited about Mason Rudolph.

“He reminded me of Ben in his first year,” said a fan.

“I think, give him a chance, we’ll see, just give him a chance. You never know what might happen,” another Steeler Nation member said.

A few other fans agreed.

The fan who thinks Ben wasn’t looking the best against New England said, “This might turn out to be a good thing to figure out what our future is.”

Talking about Rudolph, one fan said, “He’s hungry and we need hungry in Pittsburgh.”

“If the coach has faith in (Rudolph), we the fans have faith in him as well,” said another.