WILKINSBURG (KDKA) – Wednesday was day three of the trial of Cheron Shelton, the lone defendant accused of killing five people and an unborn baby in Wilkinsburg.

A detective with Allegheny County Police testified to two letters Cheron Shelton wrote while in jail.

One letter was written to the mother of his children, Chanel Falls and the other to her father Adrian Falls.

In the letter to Adrian Falls, Shelton wrote in part:

“You’ve always been there for me. I can only blame myself for the actions and decisions I’ve made. I’m here for receiving stolen property. I’m working on something to get rid of. It’s downstairs next to the lawnmower wrapped and ready to be tossed. Burn this when you’re done.”


The second letter read aloud was written to Chanel Falls.

In the letter, Cheron wrote in part:

“I did wrong. You and the kids are the best thing that happened to me. They mouth swabbed me the other day. They’re trying to place me at the scene with that. My mouth piece says they can’t ID me at the scene but up the street supposedly. They also have me coming from mom’s carrying something supposedly but who knows what that could be.”

Meantime, that same witness also testified a gold Chevy impala registered to Cheron’s other sister Ashley Smith was also searched. Investigators found in the trunk two pillow cases and a towel both with reddish brown stains.

KDKA also heard in court a phone call Cheron made to his sister Brittany. He told her he needed his money back, and thanked her for everything, but it also appeared he was speaking in code.