PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As Antonio Brown was racking up catches, yards, and touchdowns with the Steelers last year Attorney Jack Goodrich says a pattern was emerging off the field.

“In the spring, summer, or fall of 2018 he quit paying,” he said.

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Goodrich filed his third lawsuit against Brown on Thursday. Asian Tropical Fish Hatchery – Aqua World on Ohio River Boulevard says in the suit it provided and installed aquariums for Brown’s home.

Goodrich says Brown put 50 piranhas in one of the tanks and his client tells him, “He liked to drop the baitfish, the goldfish in and watch them get torn apart. I guess he got his kicks out of that.”


The lawsuit claims last December 22nd Brown came home around midnight and called the owner of Aqua World to come over. Goodrich says, “There were 40 dead rotting half eating piranha in the tank, foul odor, and despite not being paid they came out and were there until 4:00 am cleaning up the mess.”

Goodrich also represents Dr. Victor Prisk, “this was a doctor who was acting more as a trainer for Mr. Brown and he ran up $11,500 in service that he stiffed Victor Prisk on.”

He also represents long-time Brown aid, Bobby Leo.

“Bobby used his own credit card to go buy stuff at Mr. Brown’s beck and call for him, his girlfriend, kids, whatever food, services, airport pickups carwashes, etc. and they never paid him,” he said.

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Goodrich says his clients are only trying to get their money back.

For about $30,000 all three suits could be settled.

Dr. Prisk plans to donate his money to the Women’s Shelter of Pittsburgh.

Attorney Goodrich says two other potential clients have reached out for help getting money back from Brown.

And this goes beyond the Goodrich law firm.

A check of local court records found five other cases in various states in courts totaling about $27,000.

In every case, Goodrich says Brown, “lures you in. You’re gonna be with me, a friend of mine, part of the family, it’s a team, team Brown. And you believe, you have faith in the guy and as the pattern shows he uses you and then discards you.”

Goodrich says if Antonio Brown doesn’t pay up, “Well he has a house I can foreclose on.”

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We reached out to Brown’s attorney and have received no reply.