First-time voters from different generations said it was the right time to get out and vote.By Nicole Ford

BUTLER COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) — First-time voters hit the polls in Butler and Beaver counties on Election Day.

Long lines were the biggest complaint from voters in Butler and Beaver counties. In fact, when it comes to voter turnout, election leaders believe Butler County will shatter voter participation numbers from 2016.

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It is a similar story in Beaver County. At lunchtime, one poll was already reporting 65 percent turnout. County leaders say they expect about 80 percent when it is all said and done.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

A number of the voters at the polls were first-timers on Tuesday.

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“I don’t want my guns taken off me and my gun rights, stuff like that,” said James Loomis, a Butler County voter.

“There was only one other year I could have voted since I had just turned 18. I just didn’t vote in that election because I was at college and just forgot to get the absentee ballot and didn’t have the opportunity to come home to vote,” said Kristy Sturgess, who voted in New Sewickley Township.


“I kept getting things in the mail that were like you can vote from home, register to vote. So I decided to do it,” said Jason Dickhart, who voted in Beaver County.

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As for any issues at the polls, everything was fairly minor with a few supply problems with pens and forms. In Beaver County, there were a few scanners that jammed when recording the ballots. But the problems were fixed within minutes.